About Us




At Intranets, we offer a full network installation and upgrade service supplying all hardware & software components.

Some of the products we sell are:

Hewlett Packard Computers - The complete range of computers and printers from the Hewlett Packard range, phone our staff for the very latest prices.

Polaris Computers - Irish computers made to the highest quality, and built to your specification. Including a full range of latest technology servers.

TFS Email Gateway - Enables network users to connect securely to the internet giving network wide E-mail access, we are fully trained and qualified in installing this product.

Computer Cabinets - Timber cabinets for computers and patch panels, for use in areas where space and decor is a premium. Manufactured to your specification in a variety of wood types. These cabinets can also come pre-installed with cooling fans and built-in UPS systems.