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Web Management and Marketing Intranets can help you set out clear, functional goals for your site, by identifying the business opportunities which need to be addressed. We then create a strategy within the Internet project. Our approach to Web development is creating value by offering a full range of services that allows us to provide a complete solution, covering all aspects of Web development from start to finish. We take a 6 step approach in the development of a Web site, planning, designing, production, testing, marketing, and maintenance.

Web Hosting Intranets offers Web hosting to our clients, externally through our dedicated Internet connection (Virtual server). This makes economic sense for most mid-size businesses who do not have a dedicated connection to the Internet or the internal resources to manage this type of connection. With a Virtual server you will have a certain amount of hard drive space on a Secure Web Server. Intranets will provide the infrastructure required to host your site. Your site will reside on a shared server that is connected to the Internet via a high speed dedicated line. If you are a larger organisation, hosting your site internally could be the intelligent solution, especially if you have a dedicated permanent connection to the Internet (Leased line). You will need to invest in a secure Web server. By using your existing internal infrastructure you could end up saving money, while retaining more control over your Web site.

PABX Administration and Consultancy At Intranets we have experience in various types of PABX and keysystems, Samung, Trillium Spectrum and Lucent Technologies' (formally AT&T) Definity, to name but a few. We have a great wealth of experience with emphasis on call-centre management. We can advise you on upgrading your existing PABX, on the purchase of a complete new system, or on how to integrate a system within your company structure. We have extensive experience in voicemail systems, Lucent Technologies computer based voicemail system Octel (formally VMXmail).

Network Cabling

Telecommunications (To CAT5 Standard)
Data (To CAT5 Standard)
Upgrade of existing wiring

Over the past five years members of Intranets cabling division have been involved in major IT companies in Ireland and have visited many customer sites. One thing that we have observed in most sites is faultless cabling to CAT5 standard. The other thing that we have noticed is that most of the cables are tacked onto skirting board or in trunking stuck on the wall. This we feel detracts from both new or more mature buildings. Cabling does not have to destroy the look of your offices. At Intranets we have incorporated certain members of the building industry including carpenters and plasterers to hide cables in walls, under floors and behind skirting board not only is this more aesthetically pleasing but it is also safer as the instances of cables being broken by moving furniture past them or laying new carpet. Having cables cut or broken can prove expensive to you. Our aim is to cable not only to CAT5 standard but also to leave you with an office that is not cluttered with wires.

We also manufacture Cabinets to house File Servers and gateway PCs. These can be manufactured in different sizes and can be fan assisted to aid cooling. We manufacture to customers specification in either Mahogany, Pine, Rosewood, or a variety of other finishes. These are especially suited to applications where the server is based in an office and a steel cabinet is unsuitable.

Please phone or E-Mail for detail of any of the services that can be performed by our cabling division.